Adidas Swift Run Review 2019

Adidas Swift Run Review

In a world where many running shoes are made for functionality alone, the Adidas Swift Run shoes represent an interesting alternative. They work great to support natural running with proper Biomechanics. But they are also made with a distinct design.  The adidas swift run shoes come with an intriguing design.

The look like casual shoes which they can be, but they are actually made to be running shoes. Swift run has a good design with knitted upper which works well on the track and on the road too. It has good traction made with impressive rubber soles. The shoes are lightweight and probably among the most comfortable shoes for most people as well.

7 Reasons to buy

  • Impressive knitted upper
  • Great for running and casual use as well
  • Lightweight construction
  • Molded EVA midsole
  • Embroidery design
  • Ortholitesockliner
  • Woven Trefoil Logo

3 reasons not to buy

  • Not best water protection
  • Slippery on rain
  • The durability of the outsole can be improved

Bottom Line

If you need a knitted design which looks apart, the Swift Run can be an option for most runners. At the same time, since they have this distinct look, they can also work as a casual shoe as well. Most importantly, the fit and comfort of the shoes recommend them not only for the fans of Adidas.

Size and Fit

The shoes will fit very well. The upper of the shoe is stretchy. They can be a solution to establish a clear option on roads. Furthermore, the fit is enhanced with a fashionable design. Lockdown is ensured through the durable lacing which is great for faster running where you need the best fit. 

adidas swift run review


The distinct all-back outsole of the shoes recommends them among the leading options when it comes to speed and torsion. At the same time, the outsole might not be as durable as many people hope and it can be one of the areas to consider when you are purchasing the shoes yourself. While durability might be sacrificed to an extent with the outsole, its design works great for stability purposes.


Made with injection-molded EVA as you may expect, the shoes are comfortable. With a textile lining, the midsole also feels great as well. One thing to remember is that the midsole works best for running support. If you want to use them as an everyday casual shoe, you can find a custom solution which can support your arch alternatively as you do not want to wear the midsole too soon.

adidas swift run review


The main attraction is the upper. Its unmistakable design with almost boot-like heel support represents a viable option when you want the latest technologies. With a stretchy upper, the shoes are made for the best fit which follows the contour of your feet. Furthermore, while there are many types of mesh uppers to choose from, it is good to see a well-made knitted upper which is highly durable. With no traditional tongue but with a well-established lacing system, the upper works great for feel as well and this is why it can be the option to choose for short and long running sessions.

adidas swift run review


In combination with the second generation EVA and the distinct pattern of the outsole, the running shoes are great for stability as well. They are highly recommended when it comes to better overall stability in all direction and this means that you can potentially use them for training which involves lateral movements as well. Such training can involve circuit-style training which can be combined with running either indoors or outdoors on flat surfaces.


The durability of the knitted upper is already well-known with Adidas. This is why the shoes represent one of the recommended options when you look for a solution to go through the intense practice running sessions most people plan during all seasons. While water protection can be improved, the durability is not affected. One of the areas which often raises concerns is the durability of the outsole and this is why it is important to look at how to maximize their mileage. In most cases, the outsole will show the first signs of wear.


While the shoes are not made with the most breathable design, it is also true that they are not the worst either. The fit knitted upper might be an issue during the very hot summer days for some people. Generally speaking, you should see the average breathability with the shoes.


Based on the impressive all-rubber design of the outsole, the shoes offer impressive traction. They are able to be a good solution across a number of surfaces such as on the track or on the tarmac as well. You can take them for a morning jog on the pavement or you can use them on the track to train as well. The rubber works well to support even sprinting and most runners are satisfied with its performance.


If there is one word which can be attributed to the shoes then the words are style. This is where the beautiful knitted upper stands out immediately. With the unmistakable embroidery design, the shoes represent one of the leading options when it comes to better overall fashion when you use them as casual shoes as well. There are 20 colors to choose from and most of them look apart. The options which stand out the most are the whites, the reds, the blues, and the elegant olive option as well.


The Adidas swift run is comfortable, stable and lightweight. Since the running shoe supported the sock-like fit feature. Adidas has done the design so appealing that people are buying the shoes to wear to work as casual shoes as well. This can speak about their identity. It can be more important than simple performance figures for some people. They can be used for most types of running. This shoe is suitable for someone who values innovation and beautiful designs.