Why Buy A Treadmill?

Each and every day, more and more folks have made a decision to buy a treadmill. It’s regarded as one of the most common exercise equipment presently.


Ever since its release to the exercise and fitness market, treadmill machines have seen constant growth over time and today generate much more gross sales compared to every other exercise equipment available on the market. Most people when shopping for home exercise equipment choose to buy a treadmill.

Based on the yearly customer survey of 30,000 United States homes, the association shows that in 2009, 48.6 million folks used a treadmill both at home and within health and fitness centers. The other common and popular exercise equipment in the U.S. is the stationary bicycle with about 30 million end users.

So what’s behind the popularity of treadmills? How come men and women select it rather than other exercise equipment? Exactly what does it have that other equipment doesn’t? Why buy a treadmill? This post answers every one of these queries and much more.

Here are some of the reason treadmills appeal to many folks today.

You Can Run or Walk

A treadmill enables you to both runs or walk, which are classified as the two most favored types of exercising. Both were walking and running, therefore selecting a health and fitness device which involves these types of motions will require very little learning, and make it easy for most people to do.

You Burn More Calories On Treadmills

An additional rationale why folks purchase treadmills are the reality that it uses up much more calories when compared to any other types of equipment. Studies by medical centers and personal training centers reveal that calories burned on a treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 700-900 and can go as high as 1200 with high intensity and steep incline. While a stair machine will consume on average 625-750, a rowing machine burns 600-700, stationary bike with moving arm levers will burn 500-700, a cross-country ski machine will use 600-700 and a stationary bike where the arms don’t move will consume between 400-600 calories.

More Variety Than Other Exercise Equipment

Treadmills offer a variety of exercises and routines that can be done on the same piece of equipment without having to add additional parts or pieces. For example, you can increase the intensity of the workout by running or walking on an incline. Or for added variety, you could opt to walk or run backward or sideways to work your coordination while burning calories at the same time. Anytime mid-workout you can change speed, incline and change from walking to running to sprinting and any variation in between to break up the monotony of doing the same routine day in and day out.

Treadmills Offer Convenience

Treadmills enable a person to exercise from the ease and comfort of your house. There is indeed no reason to go outdoors for a jog. Therefore, people could avoid bad climate as well as workout even throughout freezing temperatures as well as throughout warm and humid environment.

Avoid & Prevent Injuries

Running on concrete or cement places great stress upon the joints and raises the chance of injuries. However, treadmills provide surfaces which cushion as well as lessen the impact and transfer absorption through the span of the deck. What this does is it minimizes the strain and stress on the body’s bones, shins, as well as knees and ankles and will help to keep you free from pain and injury.


These tend to be a few of the more typical motives why folks purchase treadmills. Ideally, this page has enlightened you on why treadmills are so popular and how you can also benefit if you were to buy a treadmill.